Semantography - English Dictionary: 45° line short, left to right, high.

This is an attempt to sequence the symbols that include the short 45° line. I have used only the symbols from the Blissymbol Book as they are the most uniformly drawn and include the dotted lines.

Symbol thing action adverb plural Part of Speech Notes Reference
45° line short
hammer hammer hammers BPB 162
hammerer hammerer hammerers BPB 162
knee knee knees BPB 216
drink glass drink glass BPB 322
drink waiter drink waiter BPB 556
bar bar BPB 512
strong drink strong drink BPB 556
wine wine BPB 322
beer beer BPB 322
letter Click here for letter symbols. letter, post, mail letters BPB 128
roof roof protect, to BPB 74
house Click here for more house symbols. house BPB 71
father Click here for more human male with roof symbols. father fatherly BPB 203
mother Click here for more human female with roof symbols. mother motherly BPB 203
animal (domestic) animal (domestic) BPB 198
birth birth BPB 203
car car cars BPB 500
tram tram trams BPB 544
carriage, electric carriage, electric carriages, electric BPB 152
carriage, driven by fire carriage, driven by fire BPB 154
electricity ambulance ambulances BPB 404
taxi taxi taxis BPB 544
bus bus buses BPB 156