Semantography - English Dictionary: Dot Section

The first "preliminary" dictionary section deals with symbols that include the dot in the middle of the lines.

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  1. BPB: Blissymbols Picture Book
  2. FB: Book to the Film 'Mr. Symbol Man'
  3. SB: Semantography Blissymbolics
  4. BEST: Bliss-Everingham Symbol Table
  5. SS: Semantography Series

Symbol thing action adverb plural Part of Speech Notes Reference
dot middle no meaning
again again Charles originally used two long vertical lines (SB 426).
neutron neutron neutrons SB 503
colon colon colons Punctuation: colon Is not used to divide minutes from seconds. SB 105
dust dust, powder dusty FB 57
before Preposition: before FB 528
behind Preposition: behind FB 528
between Preposition: between FB 528
inside Preposition: inside FB 524
outside Preposition: outside FB 524
eye Click here for eye symbols. eye see, to visual eyes FB 207