Semantography - English Dictionary: Half Ellipse, Facing Left, Short

The first "preliminary" dictionary section deals with symbols that include the half ellipse, facing left, short.

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  1. BPB: Blissymbols Picture Book
  2. FB: Book to the Film 'Mr. Symbol Man'
  3. SB: Semantography Blissymbolics
  4. BEST: Bliss-Everingham Symbol Table
  5. SS: Semantography Series

Symbol thing action adverb plural Part of Speech Notes Reference
Ellipse, Half Left-Facing, Small
Ellipse, Half Left-Facing, Small, High no meaning
Ellipse, Half Left-Facing, Small, Middle no meaning
Ellipse, Half Left-Facing, Small, Low then (in past), ago then (in past) SB 318