Semantography - English Dictionary: line horizontal, long, high

This is an attempt to sequence the symbols that include the long horizontal high line. I have used only the symbols from the Blissymbol Book as they are the most uniformly drawn and include the dotted lines.

Symbol thing action adverb plural Part of Speech Notes Reference
long horizontal high
long horizontal high sky BPB 136
high world SB 306
stamp stamp SB 336
room Click here for room symbols. room BPB 85
door Click here for door symbols. door BPB 75
enclosure Click here for enclosure symbols. enclosure; box close, to closed BPB 78
book Click here for book symbols. book BPB 120
letter Click here for letter symbols. letter BPB 128
success success succed, to BPB 340
difficult difficulty difficult BPB 340
air air BPB 506
storm storm BPB 508
tornado tornado BPB 508
fry fry, to BPB 554
cloud cloud cloudy BPB 506
fog fog fog BPB 506
body Click here for body symbols. body, trunk BPB 234