Semantography - English Dictionary: line horizontal, short, low

This is an attempt to sequence the symbols that include the short horizontal low line. I have used only the symbols from the Blissymbol Book as they are the most uniformly drawn and include the dotted lines.

Symbol thing action adverb plural Part of Speech Notes Reference
long horizontal middle
earth ground; earth; basis SB 170
world world SB 306
seed seed BPB 510
address address BPB 552
lay lay lay, to BPB 206
wall and foundations of a house walls and foundations of a house BPB 106
paper paper (like cheques) BPB 116
room Click here for room symbols. room BPB 85
enclosure Click here for enclosure symbols. enclosure; box close, to closed BPB 78
book Click here for book symbols. book BPB 120
letter Click here for letter symbols. letter BPB 128
compete competition compete, to BPB 302
success success succed, to BPB 340
difficult difficulty difficult BPB 340
drink glass drink glass BPB 548
bar bar BPB 512
drink waiter drink waiter BPB 556
wine wine BPB 556
strong drink strong drink BPB 556
customs customs BPB 514
entry visa entry visa BPB 514
passport passport BPB 514
citizen citizen BPB 370
nation nation BPB 354
difficult Click here for house symbols. house BPB 71
creation creation BPB 460
danger high voltage danger high voltage BPB 548
danger inflammable danger inflammable BPB 550
alarm alarm BPB 550
mountain mountain mountains 504
mountain chain mountain chain mountain chains BPB 504
mountain massif mountain massif BPB 504
volcano volcano volcanoes BPB 502
body Click here for body symbols. body, trunk BPB 234
ground fog ground fog BPB 506
surf surf BPB 520
quagmire quagmire BPB 506
soup soup BPB 554
luggage luggage; bag BPB 170
porter porter BPB 172
garden garden BPB 510
park park BPB 510
smoke smoke, to BPB 548
potato potato BPB 556
tomato tomato BPB 556
tomato juice tomato juice BPB 556
travel travel BPB 540
travel ticket travel ticket BPB 540
travel bureau travel bureau BPB 534
traveller traveller BPB 536
traveller's cheque traveller's cheque BPB 552
evening evening BPB 276
meadow meadow BPB 510
field field BPB 510
country country BPB 510
sunrise sunrise BPB 186
sunset sunset BPB 186
knowledge knowledge know, to BPB 522
day Click here for day symbols. day BPB 186