Semantography - English Dictionary: wave, middle

This is an attempt to sequence the symbols that include the wave, middle. I have used only the symbols from the Blissymbol Book as they are the most uniformly drawn and include the dotted lines.

Symbol thing action adverb plural Part of Speech Notes Reference
wave, middle
water water, wave watery BPB 98
oil oil SB 275
fog fog foggy BPB 506
ground fog ground fog BPB 506
bathtub bathtub BPB 106
bathroom bathroom BPB 106
steam steam steamy BPB 506
rain rain rain, to rainy BPB 506
downpour downpour BPB 506
cloudburst cloudburst BPB 506
shower shower showers BPB 534
drizzle drizzle BPB 439
shower room shower room BPB 258
snow snow snow, to snowy BPB 6
soup soup BPB 554
water bowl water bowl BPB 101
drink drink drink, to BPB 320
gasoline gasoline BPB 544